Changing what is displayed on the Issues Tab


By default, the Issues tab will display Interfaces with incorrect subnet masks, Devices that are down, ARP cache entries that don’t match, and missing default routes on routers.


These each can be turned off and not displayed on the Issues tab by the following process:

1) Run RegEdit

2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WOW6432Node/NetLatency/SwitchMonitor

3) Add the following keys and values:

· DestWebDisplayIssuesWrongMask (DWORD) = 0

· DestWebDisplayIssuesDownDevices (DWORD) = 0

· DestWebDisplayIssuesARPCacheWrong (DWORD) = 0

· DestWebDisplayIssuesMissingDefaultRoute (DWORD) = 0

4) Stop and restart the PathSolutions TotalView service