Enabling Alerting:

The system can generate alerts if interfaces change status or exceed set levels of utilization or errors:

You can add alerting for interfaces by using the “Config Tool”, choosing the “Alerts” tab, and then clicking on the “Add” button.

Enter the email address that should receive the alert, the IP address of the device and the interface number. Alternately, you can select Interface Type and choose the interface type from the drop-down or select “other” to enter additional interface types.

Enter Comm Fail if you want to receive an alert if the device cannot be communicated with or “Any" if you want to receive the alert if any interface on the device exceeds the threshold.

You should check the box for Utilization, Error percentage, or Status change if you want these variables to trigger an alert or not.

POE Alerting
If you want to know if any PoE enabled device is connected or disconnected from your network select the “Status Change” PoE change option from the drop down box. You can track when and where VoIP phones are moved, rogue access points are connected to the network, or when VoIP phones are disconnected from the network to help track phone theft.

Group Alerting
Group alerting allows you to set up an alert for devices in a group. For example, if you want to know when any devices in the “Edge Network” group have an interface with high utilization. Just choose the group in the “IP Address” drop-down box.