Alerts and the Daily Network Weather Report are all sent out via email. The system must have a valid connection to an SMTP mailserver or SMTP mail relay.

The SMTP mailserver IP address is entered on the last page of the Quick Config Wizard, or on the Email tab of the Config Tool.

Use the “Test” button on these pages to validate that the emails are accepted by the mailserver. If any errors occur, they will be displayed in the dialog box.

Possible reasons email is not working:

  • SMTP mailserver is not accepting email from PathSolutions
  • SMTP mailserver IP address is incorrect
  • SMTP mailserver is not configured to relay emails
  • Anti-SPAM filter is preventing emails from being received
  • Anti-Virus software on TotalView server is preventing emails from being sent

When TotalView initially connects to the SMTP mailserver, it introduces itself as “”. Some Anti-SPAM servers may not like this, as the server has a different DNS MX record than “” on the Internet.

This entry can be changed to match the user’s company by modifying the following registry entry:


The PathSolutions TotlalView  service must be Stopped and Restarted for this change to take effect.