When pulling Bridge Table Information on a Cisco Devices using SNMPv3, one must enable the SNMPv3 group to access to the VLAN contexts. This used to have to be done per VLAN, but with newer IOS versions it can be done with one command:

snmp-server group WidgetCoV3Group v3 auth context vlan- match prefix

The above will assign the group WidgetCoV3Group to permit using contexts with the prefix “vlan-“ on it.

To Verify the SNMPv3 Info in the Configuration:

Switch#show running-config | include snmp-server
snmp-server group WidgetCov3group v3 priv read PSv3view write PSv3view
snmp-server group WidgetCov3group v3 auth context vlan- match prefix
snmp-server view PSv3view internet included
snmp-server community public RO