Testing SNMPv3 Communications from the Command Line

Sometimes, it is beneficial to test SNMPv3 communications from the command line. Here is a test tool for this:

  1. Download http://files.pathsolutions.com/download/snmpwalk.zip
  2. Unzip this file into a directory
  3. Open a CMD window and change directory to that directory
  4. Run:

snmpwalk -L o -v3 -u “username” -a MD5 -A “authpass” -x DES -X “privpass” -l authpriv

Replace “MD5” with “SHA” if you use SHA for authorization encryption.

Replace “DES” with “AES” if you use AES for privacy encryption.

Replace “” with the IP address of your device.

Note: The OID queried is the sysDescription, and should be available on all devices that support SNMP.