If the path analysis information is not showing correctly from a given device please follow this procedure to help us troubleshoot:

  1. Run the Path Analysis from within TotalView
  2. Confirm the Path is incorrect for either the Forward or Reverse Path
  3. Create a Folder to collect the Debug information Include Customer Name, Number and the date in the name of the folder
  4. Save the HTML pages for the Forward and Reverse Path
    1. Depending on the Browser Select "Save As" to save the complete page in the folder
    2. Make sure to have a separate subfolder for The Forward and Reverse Path
    3. Make sure to annotate witch one is not displaying correctly (forward or reverse)
  5. Save the IP Route/Arp/Bridge information
    1. Download http(s)://<totalview server>:8084/SwMonMACTable.xlsx and save it to the Debug Folder
  6. If possible include a traceroute for one of the paths in txt format and place in the debug folder.
  7. Zip up all the contents of the Debug folder and send it to support@pathsolutions.comĀ