In the “Config Tool” under the Polling Tab, You may want to Increase the number of retries up to 5, and also increase the “Declare a poll failed if it does not respond within 6000 (up to 7000) milliseconds” (6 or 7 seconds).

What TotalView does is it queries the device 1 time (every 5000 milliseconds) via SNMP for a response from the device, if it doesn’t get a response it tries again, if it doesn’t get a response a second time it tries a third time and if it doesn’t get a response TotalView alerts you that communication is lost.

If your network has a lot of packet loss, then TotalView may show devices as losing communications even if it retries multiple times. You may need to investigate/solve the problem with the packet loss. It also may be due to a device’s CPU which may be slow.

You can click on the device that is giving you the Loss of Communication Alerts and check the Latency Graph as well as the Packet Loss Graphs for more detail.