The device must be configured to support SNMP v1 or preferably SNMP v2c. If the device is unable to support either of these protocols, then it cannot be monitored.

Possible reasons that a device would not be listed in the Devices tab:

  •  The device is not in the PathSolutions Configuration Tool
  •  The device is an “unmanaged” router or switch and does not support SNMP
  •  The device is not configured for SNMP
  •  The SNMP read only community string in the device does not match the community string configured in SwitchMonitor
  •  The device may be configured to only respond to certain SNMP hosts
  •  The device may be behind a firewall that is preventing SNMP packets from flowing

Workaround: Use the PollDevice program from the server where PathSolutions is installed to verify that SNMP packets are being sent and received from the device.