You can modify the size of the Ping Poings on the Map by editing the pasthsolutions.js file located in (C:\Program Files (x86)\PathSolutions\TotalView\js. Make Sure to open with NotePad. Look through the file for this section, and look at the “point_size” section in the below. Edit the red, green, or white, points to be lesser or higher In number as desired. Then Save your file when done.

pathsolutions.LinesAPI = function(options){
var self = this;
var defaults = {
container: null,
demo: true,
statustag: “#statustag”,
config: “js/config.json”,
config_ajax: “js/config_ajax.json”,
config_jsonp: “js/config.jsonp”,
config_jsonp_ajax: “js/config_ajax.jsonp”,
update_interval: 5000,
animation_step_count: 10,
animation_step_interval: 50,

warning_image: “Graphics/warning.png”,
warning_image_scale: 0.5,
warning_start_after: 2,
warning_continuous_alert: false,

point_size: {
red: 20,
green: 20,
white: 10
point_darken_interval: 250,
point_shrink_interval: 50,
point_darken_step: 7,
point_shrink_diff: 10,

sounds: true,
onPlaySound: function(id){},
onLineClick: function(id, data){},
onPointClick: function(id, data){}