The dynamically updating network map includes a zoom and draggable user interface. The map updates every 5 seconds and audible alerts play when links or devices go down so you can take care of the problem right away. Ping points are also available to show if a device is reachable or not, adding further validation of network stability.

Links and Ping Points can be added to this map via the Configuration Tool. To pinpoint locations for adding lines, use the XY coordinates (located at the very bottom right of the Map web page).

Configuring the Network Map
To use your own map, rename the map.jpg file in the Graphics folder located in C:\Program Files (x86)\PathSolutions\TotalView\ folder and rename that file to mapold.jpg. Then insert your own map into the Graphics folder and make sure it is named map.jpg. For best results, save your jpg file with a Custom Dimension Size of 2579 X 1563 Pixels. And, use a Quality Output of 100% for best results.

Restart the PathSolutions Service by going to the “Config Tool” and click on the Big Blue Logo and Click on the Restart button. This will restart the service.

Then go back to the TotalView Web Page and click on the Map Tab to see your new Network Map.

To create interfaces that display on your network map, use the coordinates displayed in the lower right corner of the Map Web Page and enter them in the Configuration Tool to determine the end points for your network links.

The system can generate alerts if interfaces change status or exceed set levels of utilization or errors:

Open the Configuration Tool and use the Map tab to enter the interfaces and include the XY coordinates to monitor.

1)To add a line, click “Add”. You should get the add map line dialog box.

2) Choose the IP address of the device and then enter the interface number that should be updated. Then enter the Line Start X and Y coordinate and the Line End X and Y coordinate.

Click on the OK box.

To pan around the map, click and drag anywhere on the background of the map.

Click on any line to display a Daily Graph for the monitored interface.

You can use the “Detach” link in the upper right corner to open a detached view of the network map for full page viewing.


Line Color Description

  • Green Under 50% utilized
  • Yellow Over 50% utilized
  • Red Over 90% utilized
  • Black Interface is down
  • White Communication failure (could not read interface status)