The Quick Config wizard can be set to automatically scan for new devices on a regular basis. This is performed via Windows Scheduled Tasks, and running the Quick Config wizard in automated mode.

The Quick Config wizard should initially be run manually to add the IP address ranges and SNMP community strings that should be scanned.

Once the default configuration is set up, the same configuration can be scanned on an automated basis via Scheduled Tasks.

Click “Start”, and then click on the Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Task Scheduler. Double-click on “Scheduled Tasks” to view the scheduled tasks on this computer.

Double-click on “Create Task” or “Add scheduled task” to add a Scheduled Task:
Enter a name for the scheduled task and choose the frequency that you want it to run; Set the Day and Time you want the Automatic Discovery of Devices to happen on your existing
IP Network Ranges.

Click “Browse” and browse to the C:\ProgramFiles(86x)\PathSolutions\TotalView directory and select “MonitorWizard.exe”.

Enter the login credentials for the user that should run this task.

The login credentials should have local admin equivalence on this computer to ensure that the configuration can be modified and the service stopped and re-started.

Click “Next” to continue.

You should see the completion dialog:

Check the box “Open Advanced Properties” and click “Finish” to continue.

You should see the advanced task properties dialog.

Enter a then “/a” after the last quote in the “Run” field. This will tell the wizard to run in automated mode and not ask for user input.

When you click “Apply”, it will ask you to re-enter the credentials information to make this change.

The scheduled task will run automatically and any new devices that are discovered will be added to monitoring.