Install the ShoreTel Connector only after the PathSolutions TotalView Software is deployed.

The ShoreTel connector permits the analysis of calls made on the ShoreTel system, along with receiving alerts for poor quality calls.  If you have purchased the license which includes The ShoreTel Connector, then you will be able to access it through the “Calls” Tab on the TotalView menu.

ShoreTel Connector Deployment procedure

1) Run the ShoreTel Connector provided by PathSolutions

2) Run the installation on the same computer where the PathSolutions TotalView software is installed.

3) During the installation, the system will ask for the IP address of the ShoreTel Director server. Enter  the IP address or DNS name of the server.

It is not necessary to change the login or password if the ShoreTel CDR Database rights have not  been modified.

4) After the installer has completed, you will need to stop and restart the PathSolutions TotalView service for the connector to connect to the database.

Note: If your phone system is using a version prior to ShoreTel 10, the ODBC database connector port must be modified for database connectivity to work correctly. Use the following procedure to make this change:

1) Locate the odbcad32.exe file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and open it

2) Select the System DSN tab

3) Highlight the CQM Name and click on “Configure”

4) Select the “Connect Options” tab

5) In the “Port” field, delete the entry 4309 and replace it with 3306

6) At the bottom of the dialog box, click “Test” to validate that this ODBC connector is able to  connect to the database successfully.

7) Once a successful connection has been made, click “OK” to save this connector configuration.

8) Click “OK” to close the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

9) Stop and re-start the PathSolutions TotalView service to have this new connector be  operational.

If during installation the ODBC drivers are already installed, you will see the following message.

“The ODBC Connection could not be verified due to the following error:  Error 27502.  Could not connect to MySQL ‘localhost’.  Do you want to continue with the installation anyway?”

This is not an issue.  Click “Yes” to continue.