To modify your Map Zoom Levels in your browser, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\PathSolutions\TotalView\js and open PathSolutions JScript Script File in Notepad.

Find the Function below and edit the Function as needed and then Save the File. Refresh your browser screen and you should be able to use your new value settings.

For example, to be able to zoom in even more change the zoom min value from 5 to .025. Save your File and Refresh Browser.

pathsolutions.ImageMap = function(options){
var self = this;
var defaults = {
container: “#container”,
container_coords: “#coordSite”,
src: “Graphics/Map.jpg”,
left: 0,
top: 0,
zoom: 1,
zoom_max: 5,
zoom_min: 0.025,
zoom_interval: 0.125,
allow_zoom: false,
marginBottom: 60,
onload: function(){},
onmove: function(dx,dy){},
onzoom: function(zoom){}