The Problem may be a network printer or device that doesn’t want to respond to PathSolutions queries. Once device(s) is removed, the monitoring should work.

Browse to http://servername:8084/SwMonAdmin.htm (replace “servername” with your server name). This will show us what is happening with our communications to all of the devices, and we should see the device that is not finishing. (ie – look for device that say “DONE”. Any device that is not “DONE” is hanging up the monitoring of devices).

If you are not able to perform the above step, follow the Guidelines below.
If the User Interface Web page is not coming up in may be that a device that has been entered For monitoring is preventing the web page from not coming up.

You will want to remove all your devices that have been entered to monitor and then scan only one subnet and see if everything is fine. To remove all your devices, use the Config Tool > Device Tab.

Then re-run the Quick Config wizard and delete any subnets if there are any. Next, add one subnet and click on next at the bottom of the page and complete the rest of the steps to see if the User Interface appears. If the next subnet adds and the program monitors everything successfully, then great. Keep adding subnets until you encounter the problem.
At that point, you can run the Config Tool and look at the IP addresses and devices that were added to just that last subnet. You can then delete individual devices according to the following guidelines:

• Network equipment manufacturers that make switches and routers usually are fine. In general, they should be kept in the list.
• Network printers (HP Network printers, Photocopies, label printers, etc.) all tend to have VERY weak SNMP support and don’t work well. They should be deleted first.