It is very important to make sure you do not poll your devices too often, as this can add to network overhead. In general, you should poll your interfaces every 5 minutes.

PathSolutions TotalView is very ‘network friendly’, and makes every attempt to prevent flooding the network with requests. One minimum sized SNMP packet is sent per interface.

You can use the “Config Tool” and Select the “Polling” tab. You should see the TotalView polling options.

Configuring the Polling Frequency

You will want to select how often the program should poll each interface.
The default is 5 minutes. Less frequent polls will decrease the traffic on your network however, it will not provide you with as granular information on utilization and error rates.

Note: If you change the polling frequency, all historical utilization information (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs) will be erased when you click “OK”, or “Apply”.

Polling Options PathSolutions TotalView will need to know how long to wait for a response before declaring an individual poll as failed. The default is 5000ms (5 seconds). If you have a network that has extremely high latencies you may choose to increase this number. If you want PathSolutions TotalView to declare a device as failed if it does not respond within a smaller response window you can adjust this number down.