Laptops are designed to maximize battery power savings, so they don’t typically come with network adapters that allow for a lot of traffic to be sent/received. Even if the laptop has a “Gigabit network adapter”, it doesn’t mean that the laptop can actually transmit/receive a gig of traffic or anything near it.

In order to have the highest accuracy with the most amount of calls, it is recommended that you run on physical (non-virtualized) computer with a gigabit adapter.  It is best if this can run on a physical server (non-virtualized) with a fast internal bus.

CPU speed and RAM is not a concern since neither are taxed for our testing.

You may also get better results if you set up 2 servers in one Remote Location and 2 servers in the Data Center. Run 50 calls from each and note the results. That will help guarantee that the endpoint servers will NOT be limiting factors in the testing, and actual NETWORK deficiencies will show up.