If your device shows up with a description of (none) in the “Device Name” column, you can open up a case with the Manufacturer and ask them why the device name is not available via the SNMP “SysName” field.

You also have the option of creating your own Description in the “Inventory Tab” by entering it in the Config Tool for the device. Click on the device that you want to modify in the Device Tab and then enter the description for the device in the optional field at the bottom.

You can also workaround this by doing the following steps:

In most cases, the device should support having a name.

If the device does not have a name, it can be over-ridden by adding the Device Name in the optional Device Description field in the config tool and add the following:

Device Description (optional) – Description – %DeviceName%

This way, you can still have your own custom description, as well as a custom device name. The %DeviceName% can go anywhere inside the string (at the start, in the middle, or end).