PathSolutions will attempt to query network information from all configured network devices within the time allotted for the poll frequency.

If the network is particularly large, or the Poll Frequency is configured to be small, there may not be enough time to query all of the network devices before the next poll should start.

In general, the default Poll Frequency setting of 5 minutes is sufficient for most all networks.

If this message is received infrequently (less than once a week), it can be safely ignored.

If this message is received on a more frequent basis, it should be interrogated to determine the cause.

Evaluation: All timing information in the notification is provided in Milliseconds (ms).

The notification will contain timing information on:

  •  Current polling period
  •  How long the SNMP query took
  •  How long it took to save all of the statistics to disk
  •  How long it took to analyze the statistics
  •  How long it took to write output information to the disk

The average information is also available to help evaluate which variables are out of norm. If the provided numbers are within 10% of the average, then the Polling period should be increased, or the number of monitored interfaces should be reduced.

Another option is to implement a second monitoring server in a remote site to monitor any high latency devices.

SNMP Query took too long: If this occurs, check the table below to determine which specific device is out of normal compared to the average. If there are a number of retries with a device, then the communications links between the PathSolutions server and the device should be investigated for over-utilization and/or errors.

Save Statistics took too long: This may mean that the disk subsystem of the PathSolutions server may be too slow, or overloaded. If other applications are running on this server, investigate how they use the hard disk to see if there may be contention.

Analyze statistics took too long: This section is 100% dependent on the CPU of the server. If this is out of normal, other processes on the PathSolutions server may be starving the PathSolutions process for CPU attention.

Writing Output to disk took too long: This is also disk subsystem dependent. Check to see if other processes are doing a lot of writing to the hard disk system at the same time as PathSolutions.