There are three different ways of ignoring interfaces.

1) IgnoreList.cfg allows you to ignore ranges of interfaces on devices.

2) IgnoreType.cfg allows you to ignore interfaces via descriptions system-wide – like if you wanted to always ignore any interface with the description of “Loopback”.

You would type in “loopback” and then hit the “enter” key on your keyboard and then Save the file. This would ignore all “loopback” interfaces from being monitored in TotalView. For Example:


3) If you only have a couple of ports you would like to ignore you can go to the “Device List” tab and click on a device and then click on the “ignore” link towards the right hand side of the table for each interface number you would like to ignore.

If your Web Config has been locked and you do not see the “ignore” link in the Device List tab, follow the instructions below to Unlock the Web Config.

If you have more than just a couple you can open the Config Editor Tool and edit the ignorelist.cfg file and add the interfaces you would like to have ignored. 

Make sure to Save the Changes and Restart the service after completing the edit.

IP Address Interface Number (to ignore) … you can use a dash to include a range to ignore 49-619

Unlock the Web Configuration
If the web configuration is locked, and you want to unlock it, Use the Config Tool > Output tab and then check the box “Unlock Web Configuration”

Alternatively, if you want to Lock the Web Configuration to remove the “favorite” and “ignore” feature, click on the “Lock Config” link shown below.