Starting in TotalView 8:

The built-in web server can be configured to only respond to certain IP addresses. This can be done by modifying the WebACL.cfg file:

For 32 Bit Operating Systems

C:\Program Files\PathSolutions\TotalView\WebACL.cfg

For 64 Bit Operating Systems

C:\Program Files (x86)\PathSolutions\TotalView\WebACL.cfg

This file requires entering two fields, each separated by one or more <TAB> characters.

; This is the web server Access Control List. It will permit accessing the web server from

; only the specified subnets. If the list is blank, any client can access.


; IP Address

; Enter the IP address of the device



;Enter the subnet related to the device;


;IP Address Subnet

;--------------- ----------

Enter the IP address of the device and a <TAB> character and the subnet mask that represents the network that the web server should respond to.

Note: If this file is left blank, the web server will respond to requests from any IP address.

After the file has been modified and saved, stop and restart the PathSolutions’ TotalView service to have the changes take effect.