Logging <IP Address of Syslog Server/TotalView Server>

That will send Syslog Messages to the TotalView Server.  

Make sure Syslog is enabled on the TotalView Server. 

To Enable:

  • Config Tool-> Syslog Tab
  • Select "Enable Syslog Server"
  • Select "Apply"
  • Service Will restart and you are ready to receive

NOTE: Make sure to Allow Syslog Traffic (UDP 514)  through the Windows Firewall if it is enabled. 

You can review the syslog message that we do receive from a particular device by Clicking on the "Syslog" link next to the device on the Devices Tab 

You can then trigger a loop detection event by plugging in the same cable to two ports and look at the syslog event messages created.  Then create an alert with key words from the event.