TotalView cannot use or Reference the Meraki Cloud SNMP Collection.   It requires local SNMP Collection:

Meraki Documentation:

Here is the Section that Covers Local SNMP Configuration:

Individual Meraki devices can also be polled locally. In this scenario the SNMP traffic would stay within the local network and each device would need to be polled from the network management system.  These settings can be found under Network-wide > General > SNMP:


Using SNMP to directly poll individual devices provides the ability to choose between SNMP v1/v2c or v3.  Version 3 adds the ability to encrypt the communication between the manager (network management system) and the agent (Meraki device).  SNMP v1/v2c send the community string in plain text.  If v3 is selected, you will need to configure a username and password. When using v3, Cisco Meraki devices will use SHA for authentication and DES for privacy, with the configured password used for both.