TotalView 11+ can be configured for Microsoft Active Directory Authentication.   Please follow the steps below to enable.

  1. Ensure the TotalView Service is running as a Active Directory Service Account (Minimum: Domain Member and Local Administrator on the TotalView Host)
  2. Restart the Service and Make sure it Starts Correctly
  3. Open up the Config Tool -> Authentication Tab
  4. Select Active Directory
  5. Select The Roles/AD Security Group Tab
  6. Create a New Role/Security Group;
    1. Select Appropriate Level of Access or Full
    2. Name the Role to Match a Active Directory Security Group you would like to use for granting Access. (Needs to Match Exactly)
    3. Do not use a Security Group that has Groups Within it (Nested).
  7. Create Additional Role for Other Teams as necessary.   Try not to overlap group memberships
  8. Select "Apply" to Restart the Service.
  9. You will now be Prompted for Authentication
    1. Enter Active Directory Username and Password