When TotalView detects that a Server is responding to Remote Desktop (RDP) requests it will display a RDP link after the "Connect" Button is selected.

For the RDP Link to work correctly, key values need to be present in the Registry of the system accessing the TotalView UI.   

To import those values please follow one of the two following processes:

Download the .reg File

  1. Download the attached RemoteDesktop.xxx file
  2. Rename it to RemoteDesktop.reg
  3. Double Click on RemoteDesktop.reg file and import/merge the contents into the registry

Manual File Creation:

Use the Following Text to crate your own .reg file.

Begin Copy*******

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="URL: Remote Desktop"

"URL Protocol"=""






@="cmd /v /c \"set s=%1&set t=!s:~15,32!&set u=C:\\Windows\\System32\\MSTSC.exe /v:!t!&start !u!&exit\""

End Copy******

  1. Select the Contents between the Begin and End copy and paste them into a text file.
  2. Save the  text file to be a .reg file.
  3. Double Click on that .reg file will import those entries into the Client System Windows registry.

Once this is input correctly, when the RDP link is selected the Remote Desktop Client (If present) will be invoked for the Selected Host