The Following Procedure is to Install the PathSolutions TotalView SNMP Trap Receiver Service

  1. Confirm Email Relay is Configured and Working (Config Tool -> Email Tab)
  2. Open up a Command Prompt with Administrative Rights
  3. Change Directory to the TotalView Home Directory (Default:  C:\Program Files (x86)\PathSolutions\TotalView)
  4. Run the Command  "SNMPTrapService.exe -i" to install the Service
  5. Open the Services Control Panel to Start the "PathSolutions SNMP Trap Service" and confirm the Startup type is set to  Automatic 

If the Windows Firewall is Enabled..  A rule needs to be created to allow SNMP Traps to be Received

  1. Create a new Inbound Firewall Rule Called "TotalView SNMP Trap Receiver"
  2. Allow UDP Port 162

If another Security System is enabled UDP port 162 needs to be allowed from the Devices Sending SNMP Traps

Now Create Email Alerts for the SNMP Traps Recieved:

  1. Using The MIB Browser:  p.25
  2. ConfigEditor -> TrapAlert.cfg